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Want a compensated Glock complete with a laser sight that fits into your existing holsters? Then Aro-Tek of Pacific, WA is the company to call. Aro-Tek marries the Will Schuemann-designed Hybrid system to the owner's original barrel and slide to create a "carry" compensator system that doesn't change the existing dimensions of the selected pistol. Aro-Tek also offers an extended magazine catch that really does help get original, non-drop-free Glock magazines to drop free most of the time. An ex-tended slide stop is also offered for a quicker slide release when you're in a hurry. Aro-Tek even offers a titanium spring guide for those who really "run" their pistols.

The Aro-Tek laser system is, arguably, the smallest, most compact system on the market (at least for the Glock). The batteries (four hearing aid batteries, stacked one on top of the other) are stored in the hollow heel of the Glock. The "on/off" switch is a push button that is positioned in the upper center of the backstrap. The button protrudes just enough to operate the laser, but doesn't extend far enough to be inadvertently pressed when the gun is being carried in a holster.

The laser's "works", the part that projects and aims the beam, is mounted on the forward vertical surface of the trigger guard and protrudes less than 1/2 inch. The beam comes pre-aimed from Aro-Tek to a distance of 10 yards, but the user can easily make further adjustments.

Shooting two fully "dressed" Glocks in .45 auto and .40S&W validated the claim of reduced recoil. A dozen different brands of .45 ammo showed that, no surprise, the higher the original velocity, the better the hybrid compensator worked. Chrono tests over an Oehler 35P with the Hybrid Model 21 versus a standard M21 showed about a 5% decrease in velocity across the board with the Hybrid. This amount of decreased velocity could be critical in two areas: (1) when using ammunition that depends on a threshold velocity to insure proper bullet function and (2) if competing in Practical Shooting as conducted by the United States Practical Shooting Association. In this latter instance, scores are calculated on being either Major (bullet weight times velocity meets or exceeds 175,000) or Minor (bullet weight times velocity meets or exceeds 125,000). Scored hits, out-side of the center hit area, score less with Minor.

A competitor could take existing Major-qualified ammo, fire it through his new Aro-Tek-compensated pistol and be scored Minor through no fault of his own. The problem can be solved by using ammo running at a higher velocity (within parameters of safety, of course.)

I put well over 500 rounds through both the .45 auto and the .40S&W compensated Glocks with no malfunctions whatsoever. The Hybrid system does not appear to affect the recoil impulse; the slides on both the test and control guns operated smartly.

One interesting note: The brass from the comped guns was not driven as far when ejected. It tended to pile neatly about three feet to the side and rear of the shooter. (Very convenient.) Muzzle lift was decreased and felt re-coil seemed to be dampened. All in all, I found that the Aro-Tek modifications, including the hybrid system, do work.

Combat Handguns, December 1993, p. 52.

NOTE: Pictures of Glock™ Pistols represent what you can do with your Glock™. Aro-Tek Ltd. does not sell Glock™ Pistols only unmatched precision accessories.


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