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Ghost Ring Sights have been available for shotguns for a few years now, highly recommended by professionals and instructors such as Col. Jeff Cooper and Clint Smith. Any shooter from any of this century's wars and conflicts will remember the fine peep sight provided on the '03 Springfield, M1 Garand and M-14 and M-16 rifles used by our infantrymen throughout the world. Now that same sight system is available for Glock pistols from Aro-Tek, Ltd. of Pacific, WA. Phn (206) 351-2984.

I recently had Aro-Tek Ghost Ring Sights installed on my Glock Model 22. I couldn't wait to get to the range with it and both I and my wife worked out the small changes necessary for its use. I have always concentrated on a very distinct sight picture, usually of the three-dot variety, with the front dot sharp and the rear dots and target area "fuzzy," per standard training and years of "do this and you will hit the target "from every instructor I have known.

Best use of the Aro-Tek Ghost Ring Sight will result when you put your focus on the target and let your eye center the Aro-Glow front sight in the rear ring. My wife Teresa noticed how much quicker the sights were to pick up when shooting knock-down plates, hitting five for five the first time she used it. Not her normal performance and a surprise for the both of us. Just for information, 8" plates or an 8" ten-ring found on the NRA D-1 target just fit the rear ring of this sight at 10 to 15 yds.

The Aro-Glow sight deserves some mention here, too. Using a fiber-optic element of red, green, orange or yellow, the dot facing the shooter glows in the light much the same as night sights in the dark. The element is exposed to sunlight from the top and sides of the sight. The more UV light available, either sunlight or other sources, the brighter it glows. This is a great improvement over standard front sights.
With the Aro-Tek Ghost Ring you let the eye and brain do what they do best: automatically center a dot in a ring over the target. They work best if you go on automatic and remember to squeeze the trigger (of course!), and give a real performance benefit to those who are in the IPSC/USPSA game and other combat shooting sports. The shooters focus can now go to the target and shoot at it through the sights and gun, greatly increasing your speed of engagement and accuracy. They are available from Aro-Tek for all Glock pistols (1911's and clones soon) for $79.00 as a complete set and front ($29.95) and rear ($59.95) are available separately.

Bruce Bennett
Firearms Instructor
Shelton R & P Club
Shelton, Washington

NOTE: Pictures of Glock™ Pistols represent what you can do with your Glock™. Aro-Tek Ltd. does not sell Glock™ Pistols only unmatched precision accessories.


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